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Venus International — “Pléyades”

Composer and producer Alfa Kay and his singers spontaneously decided in May to create a summer EP with lightning speed. This is a collection of simple songs with the vibe of campfire tunes, and a bittersweet homage to the most beautiful season of the year. The group is treating the “fast record in between” as an ambitious work of art. (Meanwhile the band has grown to 19 singers from (nearly) all over the world.) “Pléyades” has become a marvelous mini album, and its mixture of emotionally colored tracks transcends all musical categories. In the songs, summertime is celebrated as a blissful season, - as a time of love and longing, as a natural phenomenon, and as personal memories.

Acoustic folk-guitar meets Morricone's well-behaved Soundscapes, and intelligent Electronica mixes with ethnic elements and Tango accordion.

The singers
Bernadette Noir (France)
Christine Lunaire (USA)
Duygu Cingar (Turkey)
Iris Aneas (Spain)
Tonje Terese (Denmark)
Yanina Bilyk (Ukraine)

The musicians
Alfa Kay - drums, bass, organ, e-piano, piano, accordeon, guitar, percussions, mellotron, synthesizers, string ensemble
Pete Deal - guitar
Stefan Böhmer - bass, concertina
Yanina Bilyk - cello

Produced by Alfa Kay at Carnaby Street Boutique Studio